Merger With MPT

The Maasailand Preservation Trust (MPT) is pleased to announce that it is merging its operations into Big Life Foundation.

MPT has operated its conservation program in the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem for the past twenty years. Since Big Life’s inception in 2010, MPT has also managed the operations of Big Life on the ground, working in a highly integrated fashion.

MPT is proud of its history of success in innovating a conservation model that has gained international recognition for its effectiveness in conserving wildlife and habitat and for its focus on improving the quality of life for the resident Maasai population. MPT enjoys exceptional support from the tens of thousands of people who must live with wildlife in order for it to survive.

The conservation philosophies of Big Life and MPT are so similar and our goals so identical that it became obvious to both organizations that we should merge our operations and continue forward under one identity.