Meredith Ogilvie-Thompson, Board Director

Born and raised in New York City, Meredith fell in love with Africa from an early age. After completing her studies in Political Science at Columbia University, she travelled across Tanzania and Kenya where she spent time with leading conservationists and scientists, beginning a lifelong commitment to environmental and community development in Africa.
In 1991, after two years at Time, Inc., Meredith returned to Africa where she reported on financial and environmental stories for Business Day in Johannesburg. During her years in South Africa, she was involved with various organizations that focused on rural development and wildlife management.

Her conservation experience brought Meredith to Tusk Trust in 1999, as a member of the Appeals Committee in London. From 2005-2010, she served as a Trustee of Tusk USA, and in 2011 stepped off the board to serve as its Executive Director through 2013.

Meredith has worked in both documentary as well as feature film, is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a member of the Advisory Board of Stop Ivory. She continues to write freelance, her work appearing in the Financial Times,The Telegraph, Vogue, Porter Stella, and Horizon, among others.

Meredith is currently a Senior Managing Director for Africa at Aldwych Capital Partners in New York.