Jeremy Goss & Nikki Best

Jeremy Goss and Nikki Best come from two very contrasting backgrounds, brought together through a mutual love for all things wild. 
Jeremy hails from South Africa, and has grown up immersed in Africa’s wildlife and places. With varied interests his career path has swerved in many directions, including time spent managing eco-tourisms lodges in Botswana.
Nikki arrived in Africa from St Louis, USA to work at a wildlife rehabilitation centre, and has been doing her best not to leave ever since. Her interests and experience were largely marine-oriented (particularly sharks), but afflicted by irrepressible seasickness, and an opportunity of a lifetime, she turned her attentions to conservation of a more grounded sort.
The two met while completing their MSc in conservation biology at the University of Cape Town, and connected with Big Life through a period of research on the impacts of the Predator Compensation Fund (PCF). They now work jointly in a number of areas including: communication and social media, fund-raising, data collection and analysis, and development of new conservation projects.
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